What we are looking for
We are looking for passionate & driven people with a strong desire to make an impact and a high level of integrity. We are looking for start-ups or cash generative or distressed opportunities – where we can make a difference and generate significant value.

We focus on opportunities with multi-billion-dollar addressable markets, especially in India, UK and USA

We are always willing to back people with ambition to make things happen. We do not compromise on integrity

We are very cash-flow focussed and have an analytical and data-driven approach

Consumer products including fashion, food & beverage
Business & Technology Services

Real estate

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Fresco Global is working on new ideas for businesses across sectors and also looking for acquisition opportunities. Some of our recent successes:


Zink London


Real Estate

Waldorf Astoria Antigua
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Fresco Global is sector-agnostic and looks at exciting opportunities to build and develop businesses as well as acquire mis-priced assets. Fresco Global and its principals are investors and owners of over 60 exciting and fast-growing businesses globally.
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