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Our Businesses
Fresco Global is working on new ideas for businesses across sectors and also looking for acquisition opportunities. Some of our recent successes:

PRS & Student Accommodation:

We have partnered with sector experts and are acquiring commercial buildings to convert to residential and student accommodation. We recently acquired 70,000 square feet commercial building in Newcastle city centre and obtained prior approval to convert to a scheme of almost 300 studio apartments.

Waldorf Astoria Antigua

Fresco Global acquired prime-beachfront land, conducted feasibility, signed a firm Branding and Management agreement with Waldorf Astoria and exited the project to a third party.

Zink London

We founded and own a significant stake in “Zink London”, a women’s rapid response brand with 300 outlets across India and a strong online presence. Fresco Global conceptualised, incubated and founded the business, put together a highly driven and incentivised management team and led and raised several rounds of investments from high net-worth individuals and institutions


SecureLend provides short term financing to enable borrowers to close their property purchase transaction quickly. Loans are always secured by way of first charge on property. The property cannot be owner occupied. The loan can be used only for business purposes and the first charge is acceptable only on property used for business purposes including BTL, development or refurbishment.